More and more people are talking about Hypnosis today. A short definition of Hypnosis is a focused state of concentration in which you are receptive to suggestions. Your conscious mind is bypassed, allowing the subconscious mind to accept suggestions.

Most of the information on hypnosis conveyed by television, movies, and books gives a false impression of what it really is. Remember, these stories are produced to entertain and are not trying to inform people about the truth of hypnosis. They often distort the truth by showing hypnosis being used in ways it cannot be used in reality. Many people have heard or read about hypnosis which, provides an incorrect idea of hypnosis. The truth is your morals are actually stronger while in the state of hypnosis. Our hypnotist uses the positive truths of hypnosis for your advantage in following areas in Spring Branch, Bulverde, Canyon Lake, New Braunfels, Blanco, Boerne, & San Antonio areas in Texas.

Hypnosis is not a miraculous power; it is merely a technique enabling your mind to assess and use your own natural healing and physical abilities to assist in healing or physical accomplishments. Hypnosis allows your subconscious "inner mind" to accept positive suggestions to increase self-confidence, self-acceptance, self-love, and self-esteem. Hypnotic suggestions can relieve unwanted patterns of life, and strengthen or enhance any part of your personality or ability you desire.

In Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book “You are the Placebo” he speaks about Neuroplasticity - the brain’s ability to adapt and change when we learn new information. Dr. Joe also speaks about Suggestibility. Dr. Daniel G. Amen states “Your mind is so incredibly important to the success or failure of virtually everything you do.”

The Hypnosis Process here at Serenity Integrative Solutions:

In the Intake Process, the Hypnotist gets the history of problem from Client. At this time the Hypnotist listens very intently to client, gathering information about client’s feelings, behaviors, thoughts and which Stage of Development did the problem occur? Hypnosis is a 50-50 agreement. The Client has to be open and really want to change their issue. NLP (Neuro-Linguist Programming) is also used in Hypnosis. With any client - Adult, Younger Children, Older Children and Adolescents, the Client is guided through suggestions, toward the desired change in thought, feeling, and behavior.

With Adults Age-Regression is used. The Hypnotist takes the Client into their past to undo the cause of the current event in their life that has reinforced the problem. It does not matter if it is anxiety, fear, belief, self-esteem or some other problem. As Client goes thru Age-Regression the Client may discover someone else may have caused them to have this problem. The Client may have residual anger. Working on forgiveness of others or self guilt, these feelings can be neutralized at this time. Also, forgiveness of self is important. To neutralize any anger or guilt Client may still feel. This work is very relieving for the Client. The Client is taught Self-Hypnosis by the end of their program.

Younger Children: It may appear as if the Hypnotist and the child are simply playing together. Through imaginative play, with puppets, games, toys, etc., the child’s subconscious if fully engaged, and the child is guided, through suggestions, toward the desired change in thought, feeling, and behavior.


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