Hypnosis Fees & Services



The first session, regardless of how many are ultimately scheduled, is the most variable. The first session generally takes longer, because that is when paperwork is completed, we discuss what Hypnosis is, a Hypnosis assessment is completed, and answers are given for any questions or concerns you may have. For children it is also necessary to become acquainted, establish rapport, and fully assess the best way to proceed with Hypnosis, both for the first and for succeeding sessions. Depending on the issue, for either adults or children, two additional sessions are still often all that is necessary. For more complex issues, or clients with multiple issues, additional sessions (beyond the initial three sessions) may be recommended.

For adults, sessions are conducted with the client becoming relaxed. You will be guided and directed into a hypnotic state of relaxation, with suggestions tailored to you and your needs. It may be a very light state of hypnosis, where you are very aware; or it may be so deep that you are just on the edge of actually going to sleep. The depth of the hypnotic state is an indicator of your ability to relax, but suggestions are effective even in lighter sates of hypnosis. When the session is finished, if time permits, a few minutes can be spent talking about the session and answering questions.

For children, depending on their age and developmental stage, sessions may or may not be conducted in a chair. Particularly for younger children, sessions may be conducted with the hypnotist and child sitting on the floor, playing together, with the hypnotist engaging the child’s imagination. Parents and guardians are encouraged to read the additional information in the pamphlet, “Pediatric Hypnosis” to better understand how the process works with younger children.


For most issues, a minimum of three sessions is necessary; a commitment for a minimum of 3 sessions is made by the completion and submission of the Client Information Form. Clients or parents/guardians not ready to make the three session commitment may schedule a consultation first. Following the consultation, those who decide not to proceed will only be charged a $35 consultation fee. This consultation fee is waived for those completing and submitting the Client Information Form and proceeding to schedule sessions.

For Smoking Cessation (Stop Smoking) a minimum of 4 sessions are recommended. First session allow approximately 2 hrs. The fourth session is scheduled for six months later as a follow-up, lasting approximately one hour. Total cost $295 payable upon completion of Client Information Form.

For Weight Reduction (for either adults or young adults), a minimum of 6 sessions are recommended, with additional sessions likely, depending on the progress made toward the client’s goal. For High School Age and Older total cost $600 payable upon completion of Client Information Form.

For Grief Groups, consisting of 4 adults or more (maximum 0f 10), for a period of six weeks, a cost of $25.00 per person. Total cost per individual is $150 for the six weeks payable upon completion of Client Information Form.

Individual Sessions:

For High School Age and Older: The first session is $160 (because it is essentially a double session); all following sessions are $80 per session, with a minimum of two additional sessions (Total is $320 payable upon completion of Client Information Form).

For Younger Clients (10 - 15 yrs.): The fee is $60 per session (including the first session), for a minimum of three sessions (Total is $180) Sessions may not be an hour, as the time per session depends upon the attention span of the child.

Only in special circumstances can fewer than three sessions be considered. The fee for a single session is $170. Anyone desiring fewer than three sessions must discuss this in advance; otherwise they will be billed for a minimum of three sessions.

Additional Sessions:

After the completion of initially scheduled sessions, additional single sessions may be scheduled at the $85 per session rate.

Family Rates:

(For more than one member of the same family) are also available.

The full fee for all sessions being scheduled must be paid before the time of the first session. You may pay be cash or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, or Discover). Those paying by cash receive a 5% discount!


Session one: Allow two hours, this includes the intake paper work and costs $125. Following sessions are billed at $80 an hour.

PLEASE NOTE: Taxes are not included in the above fees. The State Comptroller requires services to be taxed so add the tax fee of 8.25% per cost.


If it is necessary to cancel or reschedule an appointment, at least 24-hour notice by telephone is required.


Cash or Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa or Discover).